Knitting is the process of creating a whole (garment) from a continuous yarn. The garment is constructed progressively and sequentially, row by row.

In contrast to weaving, where the threads are always straight, the yarn in knitted fabrics follows a meandering path and ultimately creates an open weave. This open weave allows for elasticity, so the garment can stretch and move.

knitting spaces

We approach each project with “knitting” as an operative strategy.

A home affects us profoundly by giving shape and expression to the intimate order of ones’ daily existence.

Architecture has the potential to massage this sense of order, and imbibe ones’ daily existence with a sense of wellbeing.

Our starting point is “pulling” the project brief apart and looking at spaces as individual components. We then define an architectural procession which “knits” the whole together again. The path is elastic, stretching out the spaces of the house to introduce pockets of greenery, light and air.

We believe a home is not a decorated box; rather, it is a space that breathes.